Bond. James Bond. (shirosenshi) wrote in ozchat,
Bond. James Bond.

Rooms available - Crossposted hither and thither!

I was hoping I wouldn't have to advertise twice, but here goes. We're getting desperate to replace our two leaving housemates.

The House:

Two storeys, huge kitchen, lounge, dining room, two bathrooms, spare toilet, laundry. There are two rooms up for rent. The backyard is HUGE, and we have fruit trees and a winter creek, and there is a balcony upstairs. One room has a full built-in-robe.

The Area:

It's a quiet street in Bedford Park, only 5 minutes walk to Flinder's Medical Centre and all the buses that come by. Only 10 minutes walk to Flinder's Uni. 10 minutes bus to Marion and Pasadena shopping centres.

About Us:

We're two males, aged 21 and 36, both quiet, but friendly and sociable. One a student, and the other a part-time professional (that's me).

About You:

Seriously, we don't care. Quiet housemates are preferred, but we don't really care about age or gender. Students are especially welcome, too. But anyone is welcome to have a look.

And all for a low, low $70 per week!

Interested? Give me (Blake) a call on 0403 537 393 or 8374 0474!
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